3 Childcare Software That’s Best For Your Daycare

3 Childcare Software That’s Best For Your Daycare

Childcare software are used by many for a number of reasons. These reasons include convenience, monitoring and security. They’re also a great way for parents and teachers to come together to witness their children’s progress in the early stages of their childhood.

There are many childcare software that can fit your daycare business needs. They all have very useful features too. Check out these 3 programs that might interest you.


Save all your time and effort from doing all those paper works by using Kinderlime. This program helps with attendance tracking, creates invoices, and allows parents to pay tuition and other bills online. Kinderlime is also hassle free wherein it can be accessed online via their PCs and phones. The app is integrated into Google Plus and Facebook so you can also market your daycare better.


This cloud-based childcare software features a management system where teachers can generate lesson plans and reports. Daily class sheets are also produced for the teachers’ convenience. The software includes tracking of attendance as well as meal plans. These are all secured via the software’s firewall and security so no data can be accessed by anyone.


This childcare management system Australia based program is helpful in paperless applications for enrollment, monitoring attendance and meals, records daily sheets and keeps parents’ updated with their child’s class activities. It’s an ideal software for parents to monitor their children which provides the teachers with less work in updating the parents. Cubsta also includes emergency contacts so they’re one click away in contacting them in case anything happens.

These childcare software are helpful and can suit your daycare business needs. They put convenience at the center of all their features s you won’t have any problems accessing anything. Best of all, these help in building more trust between you and the parents that your daycare is capable in handling the future of their child’s growth.