What Do You Need To Know About Grand Theft Auto V?

What Do You Need To Know About Grand Theft Auto V?

The action and adventure game Grand Theft Auto V or GTA V was developed and released by Rockstar Games in September 2013 exclusively for Play Station and Xbox. The story of GTA lies within the state of San Andreas which is a fictional state based on South California. It is a single player story that follows three criminals trying for a robbery while under pressure from a government agency. The setup design lets the players roam freely in San Andreas countryside and fictional city Los Santos.

The game can be played from a third person or a first-person perspective.You can navigate the place on foot or on the vehicle. Players can control three criminals through a single player and can switch between in between or outside the missions. The game involves robbery sequences with missions involving driving and shooting play. A system is governed for law enforcement against any player who commits a crime.

What are the interesting features?

Sightseeing: A player can create a point of interest markers on the in-game map and can also add photos to these points. This allows creating your own custom map in the game.

Hunting: The hunting scenes equipped with Snipper rifle and Elk Call. Trevor is supposed to kill as many deer as possible till sundown and send their photos to Cletus.

The Amusement: The players can watch a movie in Los Santos’s theatres or can go for a seaside roller-coaster ride or nighttime trip up the Ferris Wheel.

Real State: The better way to get rich in GTA is buying properties. One can use the Time calculator to figure out the return.

Other than these there are various other amazing things about GTA V including building Space Docker, Playing Golf, Tennis or Dart. One can also run a transition. GTA V is the series that gained fans all over the world, no wonder people look for its GTA 5 Apk for playing on their Android devices. GTA V is for sure one of the best series of all time and for obvious reasons popular among gamers.