Top Tips For App Optimization For App Stores

Top Tips For App Optimization For App Stores

Are you planning to put your business app on app store soon? That’s great but your task does not end with launching the app on app store. You have to be proactive about proper app store optimization as well. Also known as ASO, app store optimization will ensure your app sits on top of search results whenever someone searches for your business on app store. The post below offers a brief on app optimization for app stores.

Keyword research is important

Your app should be powered with popular yet low-competitive keywords related to your industry. Keywords should be present in app description, any meta tag you use and if possible on the title as well. A keyword-rich usually begets top place on app store search results whenever a person makes a search related on its industry on the app store. It leads to faster and larger organic downloads. A huge number of organic pc app store (free) download windows version will make your app popular and prompt further downloads easily.

Concise and feature-rich description

Do not bore your audience with long paragraphs of app description. Create concise, crisp and compact paragraphs that can highlight on the USP of your app. You should also note all the major features and advantages of the app in bullets in the app description.

Tips with icons

The app icons must be simple, easily legible and clean. It would be better to use dark colors for icons & softer tines for background.

Striking screenshots

Your app’s screenshots should highlight the best aspects of your app. For example, if it’s a game app, focus on the best exciting scenes to lure the users.

Strong support

Make sure your app is backed by valid contact numbers and credible avenues (website, social media links) where users can reach up to for support and help.