What Is Perforated Stainless Steel?

What Is Perforated Stainless Steel?

In the simple dictionary definition, perforated means pierced, penetrated, punctured, or pricked. Perforated stainless steel is the same, it is a stainless steel material that is punched with multiple holes to be able to use for different purposes. It is most commonly seen inside a computer or electrical circuit.

As mentioned, perforated stainless steel is most commonly seen inside a computer or electrical circuits. This is because this type of material is created with low carbon steel which contains chromium at 10% or more, this allows the formation of corrosion-resistant substance on the surface of the steel. That makes it a good material for industrial, architectural, and even design applications. The uses and designs are listed below.

  1. Shield

Perforated stainless steel was punched with multiple holes that control the passage of air, liquid, light, debris, heat, electromagnetic waves and even sound waves. This is why it is most commonly seen on computer circuits because this could help in the maintenance of your computer. This will help resist heat and even liquid spills if there is sudden water that entered your computer circuit.

  1. Filters

You might see perforated stainless steel as a filter on your car as well, this helps filter the air passing through your machine. This helps block large debris and other foreign objects that might get trapped inside your machine and bring certain damages in it.

  1. Privacy Panels

This material is also good as a privacy panel because it only allows you to look through the small hole punched into the steel you can use this as a first layer then cover it with tinted glass or sheet to make your windows more private.

  1. Guards

Perforated stainless steel can also be used as a guard on your floors or platforms this will help avoid slippery parts on your grounds or platform it allows water or any other substance to be trapped into the corners of its holes until it dries out or until it gets wiped away.

One way to make perforated stainless steel is by using the debitare laser method.