Which Is The Strongest Champion In Marvel Contest Of Champions?

Marvel contest of champions is a simple versus fighting game with just amazing graphics at first glance. But there is more to the game than just the graphics. The actual mechanism of the fights and damage are determined by the classes of the heroes and the perks each of them has. Every champion belongs to a specific class and has abilities that belong to the class. So to win a fight it is not enough to have a strong champion but also know how the game mechanics of champion classes work.

Champion classes Differentiation

As any class has a weakness, no champion is the strongest in the game, though some of them might have an advantage based on their abilities and level.

  • Cosmic class- Strong against tech champions
  • Mutant class- strong against skill champions
  • Mystic class- Strong against cosmic champions
  • Science class- Strong against mystic champions
  • Skill class- Strong against science champions
  • Tech class- Strong against mutant champions

So as each class has its advantage against another class, it is also weak against one class thus leading to a complex fighting mechanism. With this said, each class has its own best champion based on the skill set they possess and the level. So fixing the level to be maximum, every class has some character that is strongest in the class but overall can be defeated.

As the game ends in a few seconds at the beginning of the game, players fail to notice the class bonuses but still end up winning due to a higher level or attack power. But as the game progresses, use of class advantages and strategizing based on it can get a decisive victory in battle. If the game is still hard to win then, the use of marvel contest of champions cheats no survey required can help in fighting better and winning the battle.

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