Avoiding Keto Diet For Women On A Diet

In the world of dieting, many have observed that men lose weight at rapid pace than their female counter-part. Is set to believe that men burn fat in almost every possible way including Keto Diet. As told in the studies conducted using male and female mice, results says that sexual hormones found in the female mice where restricting the weight loss as compared in male mice that it was observed losses its body weight and total body count. But, despite of the weight loss, it has other reasons to be avoided not just by women, but by male as well.

Shredding fat seems to be a welcoming idea if you are planning to do some weight loss training. But, having Keto diet as part of program can be bad for your liver due to inflammation and eventually some cells could be killed in the process for having to much fat in the liver. Despite this claim, lots of research as still in the process to further prove that Keto Diet could be detrimental to our health when used as a weight loss program.

Keto diet is made not for everyone to enjoy and try. It can lead to weakness and various illnesses, gout, muscle cramping, changes in menstrual cycle for women and possible potassium level drop. Another problem in Keto Diet is possible kidney failure if the diet plan is not executed well. For more information about keto diet, you can visit ketoSumo for more informative and latest information about keto diet.

Also, it has food or menu suggestions that are low in carb features and it has keto restaurant to share for as lots of keto restaurants that offers a lot of food options that are keto friendly. ketoSumo site features articles to gain more knowledge about keto diet.

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