How Going On A Raw Vegan Diet Helps You Lose Weight

Weight loss isn’t as easy as 1, 2, 3. Many try to learn the secrets to losing weight but find that it fails them. Going on a diet helps but without the proper nutrition and the right exercise, you’ll find yourself stuck in an endless loop of struggling to shed off all those pounds.

However, all is not lost. Raw veganism helps in giving you that leaner and healthy body you’ve always wanted to have. It is important to note that raw veganism is not the same as veganism although it is a subset of it. The only difference is that raw veganism does not allow you to fully cook your food, or only heat them at below 40–48°C.

Below are a few reasons on why a raw vegan diet will help you lose weight: 

Less Processed

Enough of that processed food. Even if it is animal-free, processed vegan food may still contain high amounts of sodium and saturated fat that keeps you bloated.

Raw vegan food on the other hand teaches you to eat less processed food. Incorporating more seeds, nuts, legumes, vegetables and fruits help in keeping you healthy and ultimately lose all that bad weight.

 Rich in Protein

Even with a raw vegan diet, you’ll still get your healthy portions of protein by means of eating quinoa, lentils, oats, beans and a whole lot of leady green vegetables. Protein helps keep you on the go and builds muscles while you’re working out.

Try having oatmeal for breakfast or a smoothie made out of fruits and green vegetables. Add in some seeds to give it that extra crunch.

It’s Healthy!

Going on a raw vegan diet is healthy. Not only are you losing the bad weight but you’re packing in a lot of healthy weight too that doesn’t slow you down or keep you bloated. A raw vegan diet is high in fiber and is low in calories.

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