Things To Know About Buying A Condominium In Singapore

Singapore is clean and beautiful. That’s why many millennials are looking for living spaces in the country. It is true that the houses become smaller, but that doesn’t stop people from buying condominiums. When it comes to living spaces, there are endless options, so it makes you feel like there is always something for you.

Eligibility PR’s and Non-PR’s: Permanent & Non-permanent

If you are from outside of the country(non-permanent residents), you can still buy a property in Singapore. But remember there are certain restrictions. Only people with permanent residence status can avail of the so-called subsidized housing. Thus, this is given by the Housing & Development Board or (HBD) But yes, foreigners can still private apartment or condominium if they can afford them.

Real Estate Companies

Looking online to do a background check on the company who owns the place

Is where to start. It will give ideas about pricing, reviews and also amenities. Identify the property that you are going to buy. You can also consult a real estate agent for actual viewing. Thus, this will also help you identify little things that you might have missed due to your excitement. Doing so will give you ideas into the stability and other issues that will come up late while living there. For example, you can search about “piermont grand cdl executive condo” so you’ll have an idea what to look for like reviews, location, etc.

Personal Preferences like Budget, Location, Licenses, Prices, Etc.

Finance is the next phase. Do you have the necessary budget for your type of place? Is it possible to make a negotiation? You need to look into the fees you will be paying the agent for facilitating the tasks.


Singapore is booming when it comes to real estate. Now is the time to get your new condo. Just follow the steps above, and you are on your way!.

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