Tips In Choosing Your Photo Booth Theme For Your Event

Photo booths are small sets in your event that entertains your guests and at the same time provide souvenirs for your party. They are an ideal souvenir due to the fact that they provide photos which guests will remember for a long time after your party has ended. They’re also small and handy wherein you can keep these photos in your wallet or stick them in the fridge.

Below are tips on how to choose your photo booth theme for your next event to make your pictures even more interesting:

Choose a Theme

Photo booths usually have a packaged theme already presented to their clients so this one is easy. If your wedding is garden themed, you can choose a nice garden background with flowers or grass. If your party is at the beach, you can choose star fishes and beach balls on the frames of your photo. It would be nice to have your party theme and your photo booth theme match with each other to compliment them.

Choose a Material

Photos from the photo booth have options whether you’d like the photos be printed on a regular hard paper frame, a magnet or with a small paper stand at the back so you can prop them upright on your desk. All the choices would be so difficult to choose seeing as each material is just as pretty looking and useful as the next one. But whichever material you’re going to get, you’ll know they’re all worth it.

Choose a Size

Photos come in all sizes. There are wallet sized prints, 3R to 4r, and even ones that feature photos in a portrait orientation rather than a landscape one. So choose a size that best fits your preference and one that can fit around 3 to 4 photos in one card.

There you have it. This guide will help you with your theme so book the nearest Toronto photobooth rental now.

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