Gulf States Feud: Is English Football One Of Their Proxy Battleground?

We all know that football is one, or is the, most popular sports on the planet. Of course, the prestige and glory that any football team can get after being heralded as the champion are irresistible. With these, a lot of people, or even companies, tries to gain money from it, either by betting or by investing. An surely, some middle eastern countries right now are now planning, if not already have, spent on some prominent football teams. Thus, this can bring the so-called Gulf State feud in the realms of sports.

The Situation

QSI, or Qatar Sports Investments, is interested in buying shares in one particular football club, a Yorkshire based English Championship club. Thus, this is a direct answer to other Gulf states, like Abu Dhabi’s Manchester City, who racked a couple of trophies on various events. There is a possibility that this feud will reach a new battlefield, and that is on the football field.

From the race to which country dominates the oil market, now to the football field, surely this feud will not get to its end anytime soon.

Possible Outcome

Probably this feud can be only exclusive within the bounds of sportsmanship or can be a crucial factor for a much higher conflict within their dispute. The future of this situation is still bleak, and the only thing we can do right now is hope for a much better, peaceful outcome.


Football is a great sport to fight into because of its popularity and straightforward rules, unlike domino qq. Also, the prices and prestige acquired from this game are incomparable to other sports as well. It is to no surprise why they have chosen this sport as a part of their battlefield. Time can only tell on what odds may occur to them, or what things can happen to them in the future.


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