Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed




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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OldMoveeLover 9 / 10

Don't Waste Your Time

Another hoax "documentary" in a long list by fraudster Robert Kiviat. He brought us "Alien Autopsy" in 1995, his initial hoax disguised as a documentary.A long list of shady paranormal "researchers" contributed to this schlock documentary: ghost hunters, Bigfoot trackers, UFO chasers, and MUFON, the biggest of the fraudsters.By enlarging NASA photographs so that the pixels are gigantic, they imagine all sorts of structures on the moon, including a nuclear reactor, wagon wheels, a cannon 1 mile long, a mine, a prison, and fort. Blurry craters become mile-wide satellite dishes.Thank goodness that guy with the crazy hair from Ancient Aliens wasn't featured. Although, he would not be out of place in this show. Save your time and skip the dreck. If I could have rated this a zero, I would. A "1" seems too high.

Reviewed by asertus 9 / 10

Poppycock on wheels

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by Vincent Black 9 / 10

The Moon is Exposed!

Professional video documentary producers and directors DO NOT mix real-life imagery with artwork and model shots, with intent to deceive the audience into believing that the real-life imagery is more persuasive than it really is.Robert Kiviat was guilty of this "video sin" over and over in this hilariously contrived piece of film-flam. The images purporting to show alien structures on the Moon are laughably unconvincing, so they had to be "boosted." Mike Bara, a laid-off CAD-CAM technician with no training in geology or image interpretation (and, in fact, a well deserved reputation for botching Apollo Moon imagery) told us about a "giant paper-clip" and a "mile wide Ziggurat". These are simply lies. The paper-clip is a curly fiber in an amateur scanner that wasn't kept clean. The Ziggurat is a spoof that Bara stumbled across on the "Call of Duty Zombies" web forum.Lee Spiegel fell for another hoax, the "crashed spacecraft" on the Moon. Examination of the far better images from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter proves that this is just a dune feature, cratered exactly the same as its surroundings.Pathetic.

Reviewed by jerry-565 9 / 10


This documentary cannot be true for obvious reasons. Everyone knows that the U.S. government in league with the Soviet Union built the first floating platform in the night sky in 1959 with the Luna 2 spacecraft. This great feat of engineering allowed the U.S. return and paint the Moon in 1962. Clearly the Earth is flat and the moon is fake, so no aliens could every "exist" on a painting illuminated by a 150 terahertz halogen light. Back in the late 1960s, NASA milked funding from the U.S. tax payers in order fund the repulsion of the demonic invasion from the 8th dimension. I won't go telling you that the Apollo missions were faked, they went up to do frequent repairs to the floating platform and change light-bulbs. After Apollo 17 the system was fully automated and missions were no longer needed. Please be advised, I am an expert in my field of the occult lunaroloy. I have issued myself several degrees including; a doctorate of erudition in all fields both known and unknown to mankind.

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