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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by myblackgloves 9 / 10

Weird Giallo...

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by Prof-Hieronymos-Grost 9 / 10

Playboy Chickens at the Poultry Party,

This is a very strange giallo.I'm hesitant to even call it a giallo because it doesn't really have the style that we're used to when discussing the genre.I'd recommend it for fans of violent, offbeat movies. Mutant chickens? Tape recorded murder fantasies? Great stuff. There's a lot of fetishes.. like a guy covering his head in tape. It's sort of like a movie where people are just plain crazy.. but not in an uncontrolled surrealistic way. There's a giant egg, too. Sex, psychoses, and industrial terrorism (who killed the new headless mutant chickens?). It does not get any better than this. Hope this gets a proper Region 1 release.

Reviewed by Bribaba 9 / 10

Chicken coup

Poultry is the key theme here. There are problems down on the chicken farm and so a marketing manager is brought in to sort things out. His belief is that 'chickens are an integral part of society' and before you say 'cluck' he's come up with some brand new concepts: playboy poultry, feathery smoking jackets and 'chicken happenings in the room of truth'.But then what to do about the mutations that have suddenly started appearing on the farm and which give a whole new meaning to the term' headless chicken'? Boss Jean-Louis Trintignant has been too busy with (possibly murderous) S&M sessions at the local hotel to notice. But then someone squawks to the cops and he's forced to go on the lam. Meanwhile, his wife Gina Lollobridgida and her dizzy blonde secretary hatch a plan of their own. Cameraman Dario Di Palma shoots it all with a flair that matches the abstract paintings on the walls of the interiors, while the editing evokes memories of the underground. The dubbing is terrible and I'd say switch the sound off but then you'd miss a great avant garde score from Bruno Maderna and some frankly unbelievable dialogue. Sum total: genius.

Reviewed by tuco73 9 / 10

As crazy (and good) as its title!

I wouldn't label this as a "giallo", there is no particular suspense or scary moments, so don't expect anything like that... it mainly is a criticism on capitalism, mass production and industrial society, within a good story which involves obviously a murder. It may sound a bit Marxist as a statement, and maybe that was Giulio Questi's political view, but seen today it results in a naive but quite original and experimental movie from the seventies. Some moments (the best ones) are truly grotesque and surreal... some very nice actresses and lots of beautiful advertising posters from the time in the background, the actors are very good and generally speaking it is a good and entertaining movie. The only major problem I had was with the music, which is over-used and not pleasant at all... it could work conceptually, but the truth is, after a while you cannot stand it anymore. An interesting movie, surely not to everybody's taste. 7/10

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